Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fund Raising For IASE BioLAB

We are raising funds to move from theory to practice and establishing a small bioengineering lab. We expect to open the lab in Los Gatos, in early 2017. We have DNA processing equipment on the way, and we are reviewing new microscopy equipment.

You can donate to help in this effort via bitcoin or credit card (below). Your support to expand our research is greatly appreciated.

Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]
Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.

I am reviewing a variety of new 3D microscope technologies that allow non-destructive inspection of living cells in their natural domain. An example of such a device can be found here:


It is not clear to me yet exactly which microscope will serve us best, but I expect the final cost for each piece of equipment to be, with taxes and shipping, etc.. to be in the order of $50,000, and then there is the support and maintenance cost per year for each device.

This is an appeal for donations toward the expense of this equipment and its maintenance. There are now two ways to donate. Via Bitcoin at the address specified here


Or you can send cash via your Debit Card at Square:


My sincere thanks for your support.

And, yes, thank you. I am recovering well. I am not out of the cancer woods yet, but we are all very optimistic. As I get around to it and return to good health, there will be new content and websites.

Our Facebook page has been hiding some notes, free lectures, and public classes that I have given recently in London and Los Gatos. I am planning new lectures for the new year.
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