Monday, April 23, 2012

Logic And Computation As Biophysics

The elusive mechanics of natural logic is by definition the mechanics of biophysics, describing how sense is characterized and how the biophysical structure is moved from apprehension to action. I will argue that this mechanics is fundamental to the inquiry of logic, determining the natural laws of logic, and that it is time for logicians to return to these foundational issues as theoretical biophysics, a field in which a wealth of new data promises to inform us.
I present the current state of my inquiry: a new logic and model of computation based upon the function of flexible closed manifolds describing how sense is characterized, symbolic processing, and covariant response potentials, the analogs of biophysical cells and multicellular membranes and their associated mechanics. The mathematization of this approach formally requires a unification of logic and geometry. I will present steps toward the specification of such a logic and its geometric implementation in dynamic structure designed to enable the explanation and reproduction of biophysical function. And I will speak to the predictions of the theory concerning the mechanisms that remain to be discovered.
"Logic And Computation As Biophysics" by Steven Ericsson-Zenith is the abstract for a presentation at the Stanford University Mathematical Logic seminar on May 8th, 2012.