Founded in 2006, IASE is a 501(c)3 independent nonprofit scientific research institute located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. The board of directors provide oversight and direction.

Bob Krysiak is Corporate Vice President of STMicroelectronics, President and General Manager of STMicroelectronics in the Americas.

Suresh Jagannathan is Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. Professor Jagannathan is also a DARPA Program Manager.

Steven Ericsson-Zenith is IASE Principal Investigator, a research scholar with extensive research and development experience in pure and applied semeiotic theory, mathematical logic, and computer architecture (esp. parallel computation).

More on Dr. Ericsson-Zenith

Steven Ericsson-Zenith holds a doctorate (1992) from the University Sorbonne (formerly Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris 6), traditionally the science department of the Sorbonne. He completed his thesis at the invitation of MINES-ParisTech (formerly Ecole Nationale SupĂ©rieure des Mines de Paris) and given a senior research position in that institution. He is currently the Principal Investigator and Research Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Science & Engineering (IASE).

His doctoral thesis considers the structure of computation in large-scale parallel systems. This work evolved from his industry experience and brief research experience at Yale University at the invitation of Professor David Gelernter. He was a senior member of the computer architecture team at INMOS (now STMicroelectronics) under Professor M. David May, FRS.

Dr. Ericsson-Zenith is a veteran of Silicon Valley. In 1998 he established The Kiss Principle, Inc. a Silicon Valley start-up company undertaking advanced large-scale computation and human factors research and development in partnership with Microsoft Corp. and others. In 2006 he licensed that technology to Microsoft and the proceeds were donated to IASE. With former colleagues from Yale University and INMOS (now STMicroelectronics) IASE is established as a nonprofit science institution. IASE was founded to pursue basic research benefiting from the new data becoming available from biophysical disciplines. This explosion of new information promised to inform the theoretical foundations of logic and apprehension. Since that time Dr. Ericsson-Zenith has been dedicated full-time to the fulfillment of that promise. It is his defining commitment.

Dr. Ericsson-Zenith lectures occasionally at Stanford University and elsewhere on his research. His first public presentation of his research program and his developing approach was given in a Stanford University talk entitled A New Kind Of Positivism in 2008. In 2011/2012 he was an active participant and contributor to the celebrations of Alan Turing's Centenary. He spoke then on relevant aspects of his work as they effect computational structure at Stanford University, the Isaac Newton Institute's Incomputable event at the Royal Society's Chicheley Hall, and at Cambridge University in England. In November 2013 he will give his first readings from the volume On The Origin Of Experience at Stanford University. In January 2014 he will lecture, also at Stanford, on the life and work of Charles Sanders Peirce.

The instigating volume On The Origin Of Experience in the IASE (Publications) series, Explaining Experience In Nature, is the first formal publication of his results.